Rookwood Project

The Rookwood Project is located approximately 70km west of the regional centre of Rockhampton in Central Eastern Queensland. The project consists of EPM 27919, EPM27927, EPM27929 and EPM 27930 and covers 670 km2.

The Rookwood Project lies within the New England Orogen (NEO), which incorporates rocks formed between the Devonian and Triassic periods. The NEO is endowed with multiple mineral deposits reflecting a long history of igneous intrusion, volcanism and tectonic activity. The range of mineral deposit styles include polymetallic intrusive mineralisation and volcanic related porphyry and volcanic hosted massive sulphide (VHMS) style mineralisation including the world class Mt Morgan deposit (approx. 50Mt @ 0.8% Cu & 4.75 g/t Au mined), Mount Chalmers and the Develin Creek (Sulphide City) deposits.

Iltani applied for the tenements to target the Rookwood Volcanic Belt, which hosts known volcanic hosted massive sulphide (VHMS) mineralisation in the Develin Creek area.  Queensland Metals Corporation (QMC) discovered VHMS mineralisation in the Develin Creek area in 1992, located in northern part of the Permian age Rookwood Volcanics. Exploration activities focused on the Develin Creek area, and a resource of 2.6Mt @ 1.8% Cu & 2.0% Zn was defined at Sulphide City.

VHMS deposits tend to form in clusters, at similar stratigraphic (age) rocks associated with a VHMS mineralising event. Iltani believes that there is significant potential to find additional copper-rich VHMS deposits in the central and southern parts of the Rookwood Volcanic Belt. This is supported by the presence of VHMS mineralisation in the Rookwood Volcanics away from Develin Creek indicating that the Rookwood Volcanics remain prospective for further discoveries.

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