Herberton Project

The Herberton Project consists of EPM 27168 (Herberton), EPM 27721 (Isabel), EPM 27223 (Orient) and EPM 27331 (Wade Creek) and the project area is located approx. 100 to 150km inland from Cairns in Far North Queensland.

Iltani acquired the Herberton Project in December 2022 from Cromarty Resources Pty Ltd (in administration). Cromarty Resources was a subsidiary of Red River Resources (ASX:RVR). RVR built the Herberton Project in 2020/2021 and carried out extensive exploration (mapping, sampling and geophysical exploration) focussed on the Orient, in order to generate drill targets. RVR placed the project on hold in mid 2021 and carried out no further work due to financial and personnel constraints.

The Herberton Project is located within 100km of the Mt Garnet processing plant. Mt Garnet is currently on care & maintenance (since 2021) and consists of a 500ktp supergene copper circuit and a 500ktpa polymetallic circuit (CuPbZn).

Note: Pending exploration lease has been granted and is EPM 27331 (Wade Creek)


The Orient Project (EPM 27223) consists of the West Orient and East Orient precious metal rich epithermal system hosting zinc-lead-silver-indium-antimony mineralisation. The Project was mined from 1886 to 1924, with extensive historical workings (>100).

Mineralisation occurs in vein systems and stockworks (controlled by fractures/shears) containing argentiferous galena, cerussite, anglesite, sphalerite, pyrite, marmatite, cassiterite (minor), and stannite (minor). The mineralisation at Orient is believed to represent part of an epithermal precious metals system and is associated with a strongly faulted and deeply fractured zone near the margin of a major caldera subsidence structure.

A historic non JORC resource (1989) of 229,000 tonnes at an average grade of 2.9% Pb, 5.1% Zn, 180 g/t Ag & 190 g/t In was calculated for Vein 2 and Vein 3 at West Orient.

Extensive exploration at the Orient Target during 2020 and 2021, out included mapping and sampling (83 samples from Orient East and 167 samples from Orient West), followed by geophysical exploration (IP survey and drone magnetics).

Orient Rockchip Sampling Grades

Ag g/t Pb % Zn % In g/t Sb %
Max 1,730 39.1% 32.1% 2,198 2.1%
Ave. 215 4.6% 1.9% 120 0.2%
Max 1,365 25.8% 18.7% 444 1.2%
Ave. 181 4.2% 0.5% 56 0.1%

The geophysical exploration program was an outstanding success – defining multiple targets (refer to image) – conductors and/or IP chargeability anomalies for follow up drilling.


West Orient contains a historic resource of 229kt at 2.9% Pb, 5.1% Zn, 180g/t Ag, and 190g/t In calculated on Veins 2 and 3 only. There are at least 3 additional vein systems not in historic resource (V1, V4 & V5). West Orient was last drilled in 1988/1989 and a new drilling program has been designed to test known veins and expand drilling to other vein systems.

The historic drilling intersected high grade polymetallic mineralisation. Assaying appears to have been limited to the veins only and only partial assays are available.

Historic West Orient Drilling (1988/1989)

Hole Vein From To Intersect Cu % Zn% Pb% Sb% Sn% In g/t Ag g/t
WO13 V3 33.70 34.20 0.50 0.51% 8.40% 9.00% 0.18% 0.20% 335 1,264
and V3 33.70 36.05 2.35 na 2.00% 2.10% na na 71 274
W015 V3 71.25 71.9 0.75 0.18% 14.30% 5.40% 0.04% 0.03% 287 307
and V3 118.7 121.45 2.75 na 4.20% 1.70% na na 83 93
Na: assay unavailable

There is significant potential to expand the known resource. All known vein systems are open in all directions, there are multiple known vein systems not included in the current resource plus the potential to areas of stockwork mineralisation.


East Orient is a large (450m by 200m) alteration zone with pervasive ferruginisation & fracturing coincident with IP chargeability anomaly & conductor plus associated high grade vein systems.

Two drill holes (EO3 and EO4) were drilled at East Orient in 1988, intersecting extensive zones of high grade mineralisation plus wide zones of lower grade mineralisation – drilling has not been followed up and mineralisation is open in all directions

EO3 – mineralised from 15m to EOH (75.0m @ 38 g/t Ag) – partially assayed for base metals and indium, no antimony assays

EO4 – tested IP anomaly, intersected a sulphide rich interval from 61-72m downhole – historical assay is quoted as 3m @ 9.7% Zn, 3.8% Pb & 146 g/t Ag from 65-68m only plus 8m @ 41 g/t Ag from 87-95m.


Isabel and Isabel Extended are located on EPM 27221. Isabel is a massive sulphide deposit with a high-grade Non JORC Mineral Resource of 85-90kt @ 15.3% Zn, 2.8% Pb, 0.7% Cu, 113 g/t Ag & 370g/t In and is Australia’s highest grade indium deposit.

Isabel was last drilled in early 1970s and a mining study completed in 1972. The deposit is open in multiple directions with significant potential to increase the deposit size. Metallurgical test work completed, demonstrating excellent recoveries to high grade concentrates. Iltani will complete a 3D deposit model & design a drilling program to target deposit extensions.

Isabel Extended is approximately 500m SE of Isabel. Exploration was carried out in the early 1970’s and 1980’s at Isabel Extended, including soil geochemistry, gossan chip sampling, geophysics (IP, EM and Mise-a-la-Masse (MALM), geological mapping and diamond drilling.

High grade massive sulphide copper mineralisation discovered in MIED1, high grade ZnPbCu mineralisation in MIED3 and lower grade ZnPbCu mineralisation in MIED 4 & 5 and LIE 6. Iltani will model historical exploration data and design drilling to follow up high grade intersections and expand known mineralisation.

Isabel and Isabel Extended MIED 1 & MIED3 Drilling Results

Hole ID From To Intersection Cu Pb Zn Sn As Ag  
(m) (m) (m)(1) (%) (%) (%) (%) (%) (g/t) Mineralisation
MIED 1 177.20 178.65 1.45 3.1 0.0 0.3 0.1 0.1 32 Fresh Sulphide
and 182.13 189.38 7.25 3.3 0.2 0.4 0.2 4.2 173 Fresh Sulphide
MIED 3 91.08 93.37 2.55 2.0 1.0 13.2 1.1 409 Fresh Sulphide
(1)    Downhole width (vertical holes)

Reference: Lady Isabel Extended ML 6647 Herberton NQ Summary Report (1982)


Antimony Reward is a high grade antimony vein system located on EPM27168. It was last drilled in 2008 by Kangaroo Metals who completed 10 RC holes. Significant intercepts as follows:

Hole From (m) To (m) Intersect (m) Sb %
ARRC006 62.00 65.00 3.00 3.49%
inc 62.00 64.00 2.00 5.51%
ARRC010 29.00 41.00 12.00 2.73%
inc 30.00 32.00 2.00 11.93%
ARRC011 47.00 50.00 3.00 1.38%
ARRC012 11.00 13.00 2.00 1.87%
and 19.00 24.00 5.00 3.21%
inc 23.00 24.00 1.00 12.25%


Iltani will build 3D model of drilling and design follow up holes. There is significant potential to define a low tonnage / high grade Sb resource.

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